Salesforce Essentials Features to Boost your Remote Efficiency

As you run your small business, you’re likely noticing a need to find ways to scale your customer reach - especially if you and your team work remotely. When it’s not so easy to just turn to your teammate and quickly connect about a customer, Salesforce Essentials aims to make life easier.

To help boost your remote efficiency, we’ve put together a shortlist of Salesforce Essentials features that remote teams can take advantage of immediately. These features are all free with a Salesforce Essentials trial or subscription.

Log emails and events automatically with Einstein Activity Capture

Einstein Activity Capture brings artificial intelligence to your email interactions. Each person on your team can connect their email inbox to Essentials so that Einstein can automatically log emails and events to customer records. Your team will have visibility into how you’ve each worked with your customers without ever having to ask.

Learn how: How Users Set Up Einstein Activity Capture (video)

Collaborate with teammates through Chatter Posts

Chatter Posts in Salesforce Essentials make it easy to communicate with your team. Tag a team member with an @ mention on any record to send them a notification and keep them up to date on progress around deals or support requests.

Learn how: Collaborating Effectively with Chatter (video)

Type less with Email Templates

Do you often receive the same question that requires a response you’ve typed out more times than you can count? Turn that response into an Email Template to send to any customer with just a few clicks.

Learn how: Creating Lightning Email Templates (video)

Send mass emails to multiple customers at a time

When you need to send the same email out to multiple customers at a time, save time by sending out just one mass email. Your customers will see that you sent an email directly just to them.

Learn how: Sending Mass Emails (video)

Manage customer inquiries through Service Cases

Cases in Essentials can be used to track all of your customer support conversations in one place, whether customers reach out through email, phone, or social media.

Watch a demo: Service in Essentials (video)

Learn how: Essentials Customer Service Workshop: Video recording | Live workshop

Reduce clicks with Macros

Working with multiple customer records can involve repeatedly updating the same fields. Turn all of those clicks into just one click by pre-defining a series of actions and apply a canned response to any record with a Lightning Macro. (Note that macros will only work in a Console app such as the Service Console)

Learn how: Salesforce Lightning Macros (video)

Create FAQ articles and a Help Center for your customers

Give your customers the gift of self-service. Create a free Help Center where customers can find important information and articles about your business. You can include a contact form so that they can submit a Case to Essentials if they aren’t able to find an answer.

Learn how: Building a Help Center


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