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How to Help Local Businesses Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 global pandemic has put a significant strain on small businesses. But even when sheltering in place, you can help small businesses stay on their feet by purchasing gift cards or making donations.

We’ve gathered a selection of local and national resources that help you support the small businesses that are the heart of our communities.

National resources

These national resources provide ways to support small businesses all across America.

  • Support Local: A platform to find, support, and add local businesses across the USA.
  • Opportunity Fund: A national fund for small businesses.
  • Dining at a Distance: Find out which restaurants in your area are open for take-out, curbside pickup, or delivery.
  • Help Mainstreet: Buy gift cards from businesses across the country to provide critical cash support now.
  • Bookshop: Support your local bookstores while buying books online.
  • GoFundMe "Small Business": View listings of small businesses looking to GoFundMe for help.
  • Rally for Restaurants: Buy gift cards to your favorite restaurants and challenge your friends to do the same.
  • Shop Small Ecomm: Support small businesses from all around the country.

Regional resources

Here’s how to support businesses in specific communities.


  • Operation Gift Card: Support a variety of Boston-area small businesses by purchasing gift cards.


New York

San Francisco Bay Area

  • Renaissance “Open for Business” Guide: A list of Bay Area small businesses that are finding creative ways to stay open during COVID-19, from restaurants offering delivery options to many businesses providing virtual health or education services.
  • Save Our Faves: Buy gift cards to help save San Francisco Bay Area restaurants.

Southern California


If you know of any additional local or national resources, please share — we’d love to make this a comprehensive list. Please let us know at @essentials on Twitter or Salesforce for Small Business on LinkedIn.


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