How Growing (and Upgrading) with Salesforce CRM is Like Settling in a New City

Your business is unique and complex, but finding a customer relationship management tool that helps you build your better business doesn’t have to be. The right CRM solution should help you at every stage of your business, whether you’re just starting out or expanding your original scope.

Salesforce offers different solutions for businesses in different stages of growth, which can entail a need to upgrade from a previous solution. If you’re wondering, “What’s that like?”, a helpful analogy is to think about what it’s like to settle in a new city.

New Beginnings: Starting your Business

Starting your business is both exciting and scary, much like making a big move. You may have to stay in a hotel or a short term rental while looking for a place. It’s a good solution while you’re getting started - it’s a short-term with minimal commitment, and lets you learn the neighborhoods while you figure out where you want to live. But it’s not where you’ll be forever.

This is a lot like working with spreadsheets — it works well as you’re getting started, but as your business and client lists grow and the follow-up tasks pile up, that spreadsheet gets less manageable and more siloed from evolving processes (like better support or marketing outreach). You need to find an apartment that will help you get more settled, which is more akin to an actual CRM solution.

Getting Settled with Essentials

Getting started with your first small business CRM solution is like settling into your first studio apartment. It’s centrally located, arms reach from your favorite restaurants and bars, plus you get access to the building amenities — some that you use, and others that you don’t. Most importantly, you have what’s needed to do more with your space like host dinner parties and get that pet you’ve always wanted.

That “do more” feeling is what you get with Salesforce Essentials. Having a sales and service tool that can manage your customer interactions in one centralized platform gives you way more options than those old spreadsheets. It can be set up on your own, scales with your growing business, and provides options like webchat and social media integrations to better connect with your customers. Essentials customers have reported a 998% return on investment, tripling their lead conversions, and four hours saved per week through using the tool.

Now, settling is more than just moving into a building — it’s also setting up your space for everything you want to accomplish. And since not everyone is an automatic expert on that, a little help can go a long way. Similarly, for Essentials users looking for a little more hands-on help while they’re getting started, we have our Essentials Advisors. They offer paid 1:1 support to help you set up and customize your Essentials instance.

But just like you may outgrow your studio apartment, your business may outgrow Salesforce Essentials. You may be adding new teammates, expanding your product line, wanting to centralize your financial information, or reaching customers on new channels. The beauty of building on the Salesforce platform is that everything comes with you when you grow and expand, and we have upgrade solutions available when you need them.

Doing More with Salesforce

If it gets to that time to buy a home for yourself, it’s important to know the processes. There’s the need for a realtor and a banker, and you’ll want to feel comfortable in the community. You’re investing in your long-term future, not just another single-year lease. And while it’s certainly more expensive and comes with more decisions to make, you’ll get to decide how you want your home to be (as opposed to conferring with the landlord). Plus, you get to bring everything from your old studio over to your new house.

Upgrading with Salesforce is similar — the strides (and data) you made with Essentials carry over easily, and you’ll have far more options to customize your CRM to the needs of your business. We’re also here as your trusted advisor to ensure you’re matched with a solution that aligns with your business’s goals and growth. Our team of account executives, as well as our solution engineers, will help you find the right tool for you at each stage of your business.

Now, like with any home, you may need some help with the initial move and setup with your Salesforce solution. Like hiring a general contractor for your home, you can also hire a consultant — often called an implementation partner — to build Salesforce with you so that it’s tailored exactly to your use case. You can search our AppExchange for a comprehensive list of our partners to find one that meets your needs.

What does your business need?

Whether you’re looking for a CRM solution that’s more like a studio or your first home, we’re here to help. Get in touch with one of our Essentials Business Coaches - they can help you during the evaluation process and help you get started on the right Salesforce solution for you today.


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