Soulful Selling

Soulful Selling is in the business of helping entrepreneurs and small businesses build confidence in sales and scale their teams. Christine Volden founded Soulful Selling in 2014 after 15 years working in sales and sales management for Fortune 500 companies. Her key learnings from that time — the importance of addressing not only sales tactics but personal motivation styles, confidence and individual personality styles — formed the basis of Soulful Selling’s approach.

“I really try to show my customers that it’s about building relationships and being authentic in sales,” Volden said. “If you can learn how to feel comfortable selling, it affects every part of your life.” She strives to model communication and relationship building in her training so clients can carry those skills into their own work and personal lives.

Soulful Selling was founded to address a gap in what corporate sales trainings were teaching: That sales is actually very simple but each person can approach it differently depending on their strengths Their goal is to educate clients about the nuances of sales that aren’t defined by numbers and how to apply those learnings.

Their Challenges

Volden tried several CRMs before Essentials in search of a good fit for her business and her clients’ needs. None of them had everything she needed, including affordability.

“I teach people to use CRM in a very simple way,” Volden said. “The main point I always come back to is using CRM to integrate selling into your daily workflow.” She needed a solution that could handle the basics like contact management, but also encompassed everything from prospecting to closing to analyzing lead sources. The system also had to be easy enough to use that sales-adverse entrepreneurs would use it every day.

Volden needed an affordable, comprehensive CRM solution for her business.That solution also had to be user-friendly enough for her entrepreneur clients to adopt.

How Essentials solved Soulful Selling's Issue(s)

At a high level, Volden said using Salesforce makes her more efficient and productive, and helps the entrepreneurs she works with integrate sales into their daily workflow. That’s key for the entrepreneurs.

“There are plenty of entrepreneurs who don't make sales a priority in their business — or they’re just in denial about it,” Volden said. She calls a Essentials a game changer, as it gives them a tool to manage the entire process and visualize their sales pipeline.

Essentials makes Volden and her clients more efficient and productive, overallMore specifically, Essentials is great for contact management, follow-up, and reportingIntegrating sales into their daily workflows is a game changer for entrepreneurs.

Soulful Selling’s Results with Essentials

Essentials’ price makes it a no-brainer for Volden and her small business clients. Essentials was the only CRM she used that could provide the detailed and customized reporting she needed.

Christine trains people on using CRM every day and often works with companies who use products other than Salesforce. “The problem we always run into is the lack of detailed reporting,” she says. “It's very hard to measure success and make changes in a company if you can not pull the reporting you need. Salesforce Essentials not only has a price that is very competitive, it’s the only service that can handle detailed and customized reporting needs.”

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