Meggie Palmer founded PepTalkHer to close the gender pay gap. The company coaches women to be more confident at work, through a combination of in-person events and an app that helps users track their workplace wins and prepare to negotiate promotions and raises. In only a few years, PepTalkHer has grown from an idea to a global community of over 15,000 users.

  • PepTalkHer was founded to address the gender pay gap
  • Has grown into a global community of over 15,000 users creating measurable impact in just a few years
  • “We have this belief that if women know their worth and know-how to negotiate their worth, everyone will be better off” — Meggie Palmer, CEO and Founder

Their Challenges

“I wanted to have all of my customers’ information in one place, because I knew that they were key to our growth,” Meggie said. Keeping everything in a central location would also allow anyone on her team to pick up a conversation with any lead or customer, and share pricing info, partnership decks, and other collateral from the office or on the go.

An entrepreneur friend told her about customer relationship management (CRM) tools and how using Salesforce made it easier to grow her company into a multimillion-dollar endeavor. Before choosing a technology platform, Meggie tried every customer management tool she could find. “It drove my team insane, because I was like, ‘Nope, nope, I don’t like this. It’s not easy enough. It’s not intuitive enough — I was really picky,” she said.

  • Needed an intuitive, easy-to-use technology platform to run a new business on
  • Wanted customer info organized and easily accessible in the office and on the go

How Essentials solved PepTalkHer's Issue(s)

  • Essentials tracks all of PepTalkHer’s customer interactions so anyone on the team can pick any conversation back up, via the web or mobile app.
  • Meggie Palmer and her team use Salesforce Inbox to write emails and schedule delivery ahead of time.
  • Essentials tracks key business data like leads, project revenue, and new opportunities, and nudges the team to follow up with customers — automatically — with integrated AI and automations.

Emailing through Salesforce lets Meggie reply to messages and share pricing info, partnership decks, and other collateral. “I’m always meeting with people, catching up with people, and attending events late into the evening,” she said. “Essentials scales my time and my ability to respond quickly and efficiently to clients,” and enables Meggie to connect with her customers anytime and anywhere.

PepTalkHer’s Results with Essentials

  • Essentials has helped PepTalkHer scale quickly, resulting in thousands of women tracking workplace wins and developing their negotiation muscles through the startup’s coaching methods, corporate events, and mobile app.
  • A client named Charlotte used the app to help negotiate a whopping $87,000 raise at her job.
  • Meggie and her team love how Essentials is easy to use, and tracks every email and interaction so nothing falls through the cracks.
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