G Photography

G-Photography is a photography business owned and operated by Gwendolyn Houston-Jack. Since 2012, she’s been specializing in portraiture fused with editorial and styled with a flair for fashion.

Many of Gwendolyn’s customers are other businesses looking to create imagery for their own branding. She enjoys working with small business owners, in particular. “I know how hard it can be,” she said. “If I can do anything to aid another in growing their business, I'm up for it.”

  • G-Photography was started when a photographer cousin of Houston-Jack’s suggested she take her hobby of taking family photos more seriously.
  • “What motivates me when I get out of bed in the morning is the opportunity to make a change in the world,” Houston-Jack said. “It can be big or it can be small, and you don't know when or where it's going to happen.”

Their Challenges

Before adopting Salesforce Essentials, Houston-Jack ran G-Photography through a mixture of post-it notes and a variety of software including spreadsheets. Her biggest issue was trying to keep tabs on all aspects of her business without losing too much of her days to wrangling different apps that weren’t built to talk to one another.

“I didn’t have a complete vision as to where my business was,” Houston-Jack said. Communications, financials, and other key information lived in different places, making it hard to get at-a-glance views into business health. Houston-Jack said she became accustomed to “dragging and dropping and saving” data between multiple apps.

  • Key business information was spread across spreadsheets, other apps, and hand-written Post-It notes.
  • Houston-Jack lacked an easy and consistent way to get an overview of her business’ health.
  • Time was being wasted manually copying and pasting information between emails, spreadsheets, and other software.

How Essentials solved G Photography's Issue(s)

  • Essentials puts all of G-Photography’s communications, leads and opportunities, and financial information into one easily accessible place.
  • Houston-Jack now gets leads immediately that are easy to track, even when she’s on the go. Essentials also reminds her to follow up with prospects.
  • Essentials gives Houston-Jack at-a-glance views into G-Photography’s finances, helping her adjust day-to-day operations and plan longer-term strategies.

With Essentials, Houston-Jack said she’s now able to work anywhere at any time. Starting her days with a look at sales dashboards, leads, opportunities, and incoming messages helps her prioritize for both the short and long term. “The one thing that Salesforce does that I was not expecting was to keep all of how I communicate and all of my files in one place,” she said. “If I write an email or save a contract, Essentials automatically pulls it into the system. So I have saved a great bit of time from not having to do that again.”

G Photography’s Results with Essentials

  • G-Photography adopted Essentials on January 1, 2019. Houston-Jack said 2019 turned out to be her best year ever.
  • Over the first 5 months of fiscal year 2020, lead conversion was up more than 200% as compared to FY19.
  • Average time to close new deals dropped from 14 to 8 days between FY19 and 20.

Houston-Jack said that using Salesforce Essentials makes her “feel more legit” as a businessperson. “I can track my opportunities and be reminded that, ‘Hey, this person you haven't talked to in two days, you need to take care of that.’ But then I can also see where I am financially,” she said. Essentials shows her where revenues are at for the quarter, so she can make adjustments and plan new campaigns. “In order to win the game, you’ve got to know the score,” she said.

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