5P Consulting

Y’vonne Ormond founded 5P Consulting to bring a new set of priorities to one of the biggest industries in the world, management consulting. 5P focuses on measurable return on investment for clients — mainly mid-market-size companies in life sciences, hospitality, and high-tech industries seeking help through business and process transformation driven by technology.

5P’s work is guided by the five Ps: people, process, products, profit and loss, and priorities. These principles help client organizations improve their own productivity by building and improving upon business systems to leverage employee strengths and technology best practices. 5P also empowers its own employees to have more time for themselves and their own families with its flexible, remote-friendly work culture.

  • 5P serves large companies from a variety of industries including entertainment, healthcare, and technology.
  • Their client-centered approach focuses on building and improving upon business systems to leverage employee strengths and technology best practices
  • “We come in and understand what the current business problem and ongoing strategic need is first. We come up with actionable solutions to improve how they operate, and then we enable the solutions with technology.” - Y’vonne Ormond, Founder and CEO

Their Challenges

The 5P team found themselves dealing with information silos as its practice grew. Employees lived in their inboxes — as many small businesses and service organizations do — without any way to share real-time status updates on revenue driven meetings, project progress, and client communications. They were bound by email and manual file sharing. This proved especially challenging when the team was focused on winning new clients, since there was little visibility into individual team members’ activities and progress.

Though quite familiar with CRM, 5P hadn’t invested in a system itself because Y’vonne Ormond couldn’t find a solution that fit her small team’s price point and needs. She wanted a solution that was affordable, easy to use, and supported a remote team equally comfortable working from their phones or laptops.

  • Information about sales cycles, project updates, and communications with clients was trapped in silos
  • Employees were living in their Inboxes without an easy way to share real-time information with colleagues
  • Needed a CRM that was affordable, easy to use, and supported mobile devices

How Essentials solved 5P Consulting's Issue(s)

Essentials moved client conversations and notes out of silos, making it easy for the whole team to access customer data from remote locations and both mobile devices and laptops Integrations with DocuSign, project management, time tracking, and financial tools extended Essentials’ capabilities “I was ecstatic when Salesforce Essentials launched,” Y’vonne Ormond said. “Here was the Salesforce we knew, loved and built for enterprise organizations but tailored for small business needs, and at an affordable price.”

With Salesforce Essentials, 5P’s leadership team tracks all consulting engagements in Chatter. Every member of the team shares notes on conversations with prospects and clients, and Salesforce Inbox uses Einstein Activity Capture to automatically log emails and meetings to their respective account records. The company has seen an overall 50% time savings from Einstein Activity Capture alone, since employees no longer have to manually enter client notes.

5P Consulting’s Results with Essentials

  • To date, 5P has realized a 50% overall time savings from Einstein Activity Capture alone.
  • Y’vonne Ormond is able to lead by example, showing the rest of 5P how many prospects she engages with on a daily basis.
  • Instead of writing emails and holding one-on-one meetings, Essentials provides company-wide visibility into client meetings, project status, and other vital business information.

“Salesforce Essentials really cuts down how we manage our sales cycle. We're not spending a lot of time asking each other what's going on, because we can see it all in Essentials,” Y’vonne Ormond said. “You can do that while you're laying in bed at night, watching kid shows with your children.”

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